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"You want from me that i say you, that I define:

What is Art? If I would know, I would not tell it."   

Pablo Picasso

2002 Projects with children on the occasion of a theatre performance from the Henndorfer Kulturkreis
2003 Postproject: Free animalic postal mapping – Project with tutor Stefan Geisler studio Dortmund
2004 Postproject: Trying to be a Künstlergruppe and working to one Thema with tutor Stefan Geisler studio Dortmund
2004 Art for children in Elsbethen – development of a flag for the community
2004 Artifical examination with a playschool-group from Elsbethen: Das schöpferische Spiel“
2005 Xylograph „Sleeping Beauty“ with a playschool-group from Elsbethen
2008-2009 Teaching in Stuttgart
2009 Xylograph „Meer und mehr“ with young people from the Clearing-house SOS Kinderdorf

Angelika Fink Künstlerin Holzschnitte Radierungen Elsbethen Salzburg